Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Master Digital Marketing - The 4 Digital C's

Stage 3 - Community

People always want to be a part of a community. This is how we feel safe, and this applies even more when we are customers.

Speaking of communities, who has heard of Birds Nest?

Right, gentleman I am going to bring you up to speed. Birds Nest is an online fashion retailer based in Cooma. Cooma isn't even a destination, it's on route to the snow. 

At last check, they had 92,000 fans in their online community. And every morning - fellas you may be checking the news or the weather - she is checking the Outfit of the Day. Every morning, Birds Nest send it out to their "online community" so she can purchase the whole ensemble including the necklace and the shoes. Just sayin.'

Have you thought about how you can build an online community?

Why not utilise tools such as Facebook Groups? This closed conversation platform can allow you and your customers to share ideas and issues. One of our clients identified an industry sector that they wanted to work more closely with, so they are now doing this. They now have a far greater understanding as to what this groups pain points are, and where they need assistance. 

Think about your customer base, and whether creating a community would benefit them...and you!!

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