Friday, June 29, 2018


There is still time before June 30 to complete your small business projects before the next financial. But to get the deduction you will need to get your skates on...

Since July 2015 the tax laws changed regarding small business and the ability to claim instant tax deductions for each capital item purchased up to $20,000. This has been extended until 30 June 2018.

Expenditure incurred in acquiring or developing a commercial website for a new or existing business is classed as capital expenditure, so this means is there is still time to upgrade your digital toolset and claim it back in July.

Website capital costs
Capital expenses will generally be deductible by instalments over more than one tax year (i.e. as depreciation).  The amount claimable in each year will depend on the nature of the cost, and when it is incurred.

Broadly, there are three possible types of capital expense; 
  • website setup costs incurred before a business starts
  • inhouse web development costs
  • other capital cost
So, don’t sit back and wait! Get in touch with your accountant to confirm if your project is eligible and talk to your web developer to finish projects that you can get an instant depreciation on.
More information? 
If you are a small business you can see the  $20,000 threshold for accelerated small business depreciation claims (extended to 30 June 2018) and ATO Depreciation.

Talk to us.

At Adloyalty, we design and develop dynamic websites that deliver the best online experience for your  customers.

Utilising bespoke, fit for purpose designs, we help increase your brand presence online and above! We can design websites for desktops, mobile and tablet, ensuring your business is accessible anywhere, anytime. We do it all, from writing the plan, right through to execution and reporting.

We can even blog on your behalf, or assist you with the written word. We can do as little or as much as you like.

Call Danni today on 0438 963 664 or email to find out more.

How you can embrace the SEO changes in 2018?

Google is constantly evolving, regularly updating its algorithm to make it an amazing experience for searchers. If you want your website or blog to maintain (or even grow) its Google rankings you need to look at the changes in SEO search engines and be adaptable.

Here are a few of the changes already made in 2018, something you really should be thinking about for your website:

Did you know that almost 60% of all Google searches are done through a mobile device? This number has meant that Google has changed their algorithm to focus more on mobile searches so now when you Google something, you will be served by an algorithm which recognizes a single mobile database first.

What this means is if you site shows selective content on mobile, with a “read more” button hiding the rest of the text, then Google’s spider bots will not read the rest of the page. This hidden content will then have a significant impact on your website’s ranking.

Unsure if your site is mobile Friendly, you can check how suited your website currently is to mobile browsing with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

VIDEOS are the best content
Almost all top-ranking search results contain some video content. From this we can believe that Google uses video form of content in a post as a ranking factor.

It is a fact that Google owns YouTube, we suggest the best way to set up video content is to create YouTube videos and embed them into your blog posts.

Raise your VOICE….
Millions of people use voice to search Google. And the number is just going to increase
to be the dominant factor which sends your website traffic in a couple of years.

To help your site voice search rankings you will need to look at your page load speeds first as Google won’t pull your website if it is slow to load.

Then, you will need to look at comprehensive content is now a must do on your site!  A short post say less than 500 words will not rank in Google’s voice searches. Your posts must be around 3000 words to come up as results to queries performed by voice.

Firstly, to explain HTTPS is the next version of HTTP (a more secure version) which allows web viewers to browse more safely and without having the risk of getting their personal information stolen.

Whilst it was originally warned by Google, that not changing to HTTPS would negatively affect your sites Google rankings, it has been found that this is not the case.

However, if you use Google Chrome as your browner (used by most online users), you will have noticed that Chrome actually marks sites without HTTPS, as “not secure”.

It is deemed not relevant to move to HTTPS to maintain your search rankings, although it is certainly worth considering that if you have an e-commerce website, or handle sensitive data like your viewer’s phone number and credit card details, HTTPS will provide higher security.

Google’s RankBrain
Google has shared its three most important ranking factors: Quality Links, Comprehensive Content and RankBrain,

What is RankBrain? Well, it is a feature which allows Google to scan through a viewer’s user data and find the most relevant search results. Search results will in turn, look a little different for each user.

RankBrain can looks at your Click Through Rate (CTR). If you would like to be picked up, simply use a compelling title tag, which makes users want to click on your website’s search result! If RankBrain sees that your site receives a high click-through rate, and a low Bounce Rate, your site will be seen in higher rankings. 

As we all know, Google has been and will always be changing its algorithm. This means embracing the changes and taking small steps to move forward and get the best results out of your sites search engine optimisation – There are a few extra quick tips we think can be very helpful:
-       Use Responsive design when setting up your site, this allows your site to load a different format that is perfect for each and every device
-       Make sure you have a good Page Load speed – this can be really significant when google is combing your site.
-       Don’t Hide Content with Read more buttons. The search will stop reading and your information wont rank.
-       Use Links to other sites. It is not about loising traffic to these other sites, it is actually a great SEO tactic.
-       Be sure you have an About Me, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Page, whilst you may not have the time to create, or think your viewer are reading, it actually shows your site isn’t spam.

Whilst these are only a few on the changes each website can incorporate to increase its  SEO results, not every single change is the be-all and end all. Start small and work your way through. Think about what you need and start from there….

If you are feeling confused, need support or really do not know what you need or where to start when it comes to your website and SEO - Then we at Adloyalty can help, call us on 6344 1931.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Power your business into the future – take it to the online limit.

Recently we spent a day with our region’s leading businesses and government agencies at our annual Central West Business Summit in Bathurst. We shared our experiences and challenges and most importantly we discussed where we would be investing our hard earned dollars to take our businesses to the next level.

High on everyone’s agenda was the need for greater engagement with our customer base.  This means doing online better.

It means, increasing our visibility through better SEO and social media, and creating content that connects with our audience. This is what will allow us to best maximise our online business opportunities.

So what does this mean?

Your website should act as a growth engine, powering lead generation and giving you the ability to communicate with your customers 24/7.

Having a website is like opening the door and inviting potential customers into your business. It is your online portfolio that is working when you’re not. It showcases what you do without you needing to answer the basic FAQs time and time again. This means that when you are in front of customer you are at the next stage of the sales process.

At Adloyalty, we build websites that are visually appealing – and they work.

Our team of web developers are passionately focused on building the grunt engine behind your website.

In simple terms this means that we spend time understanding your business to make sure we get what your potential customers will TYPE INTO GOOGLE’S SEARCH BAR.  This is what drives new sales leads.

Our dedicated content development team help you sell your message so you are able to communicate effectively with your potential customers once they land on your website. This means staying on your website until they are ready to call you to learn more.

How much does all of this cost?
Landing Pages
You don’t need a large full scale website if you have a simple product offering and business. It can be a simple landing page as we have done for Straniero Olive Grove.

Subject Matter Experts
Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you lose your expertise. In most cases it means that potential customers get to learn what you do more quickly. We have a rule of thumb that you should always be able to get specific information or make you purchase within 3 clicks of your mouse. This was our aim with Financial Planning expert Mike Patman and his team.

Bespoke Design
With lots of open source template designs out there, many websites start to all look the same.
At Adloyalty we pride ourselves in our ability to build websites exactly like you want them to look. Whether this means embedding drone vision to speak directly to your audience and set you apart from your competition or allow you to use large images with a side menu so your customers don’t get lost in the content of your website.

You are only limited by your imagination – and we are more budget friendly than you think.

To learn more, call us today and we can help navigate your online presence as a business.

Your success is our focus. Call Adloyalty on 6344 1931.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

An Interesting Read – Our Own Video Producer - Andrew Barnes!

Our Own Video Producer - Andrew Barnes!  
Andrew Barnes is a one-man band running Geagle Productions, a boutique video production company in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia. Having grown up on a farm in a small town of 500 people he’s now running a successful video production company and has over 10 years of industry experience under his belt. We caught up with Andrew to find out about how he handles his business and what advice he has to give to young companies coming up in the video production more

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 What a year!!! What a blast!!!

Most years at this time I try and take the time to reflect on our achievements and our learnings. This year I am still running - I think we all are. Looking back it has been a year of wonderful, heartfelt wins, exciting projects and many changes and introductions to our lives.

Here are just a few of our wins:

  • We spoke with over 250 businesses about new ways of approaching their business
  • We built 20 websites
  • We worked with our clients to have them seen over 6,000,000 times on TV
  • We sent out over 1,000,000 emails for our clients
  • We had delivered a combined, accumulated Social Media reach of over 20,000,000 impressions
  • We helped our clients build both national and international exposure
  • .......And we had the best time doing it!!

Our year in a nutshell:

January presented an opportunity that we thought could change the dynamics for Adloyalty, and it did.

February saw our beautiful Danni become engaged to her long-term partner Steve on top of a mountain, and we sighed.

April we were awarded the Discover the Riches tender and with the help of Geagle Productions and Jack of Hearts Studio we produced a regional tourism campaign straight from our hearts, for our home.

June saw us host the 2nd Central West Business Summit with close to 150 delegates joining us in Parkes to discuss our region's opportunities and to hear James O'Loughlin present his thoughts on the power of innovation as a cultural foundation for all small business. Next year we are looking to host this event in Bathurst.

July we introduced shop parkes + win. And they did - a Carribean Cruise!!

September our Art Director, Elizabeth Robinson designed the Orange Regional Museum logo and promoted our first bull or should I say NO BULL sale.

October we flew to Mt Isa to develop a local media and marketing campaign for our long-standing client  PJL Group. We helped them celebrate 10 amazingly successful years that has seen them start as 3 mates with a truck, grow to over 250 skilled employees with a national footprint.

We opened a second office based in Wagga Wagga - home to our design talents and we welcomed Elise Penton.

November we explored and marveled at the Jenolan Caves and we are itching to share this work with you. Keep your eyes peeled for a Facebook Post very soon.

We were humbled with the announcement of our Daroo Award for Contribution to Cabonne - Business. And the 1st the Adloyalty baby, Archer was born!!!!
shop parkes + win came back, and this time the lucky winner will head to Las Vegas!!

December we moved our Canowindra office to make room for our new 2017 introduction of Lead Generation - stay tuned.

It has been a great year and none of it would have been half as much fun or nearly as rewarding without our talented and dedicated beyond belief team of:

- Danni Jenkins, Account Manager and the real Boss
- Robyn Priest, Digital Developer and Website Builder
- Elizabeth Robinson, Art Director
- Sharon Duguid, Content Creator and Writer
- Mandy McNaught, Accounts Officer and Office Mum
- Izabella Tanewski  Marketing Assistant
- Debra Clarke  Website Account Manager
- Elise Penton  Graphic Designer

And of course our stellar client base, your support and trust makes it an honour to work with you all.

So in finishing, Merry Christmas - may it be relaxed and filled with joy.  I look forward to seeing and speaking with you all in 2017.

Peace. Love. Prosperity.    Cads x

Monday, November 21, 2016

Share The Christmas Love. How can giving help your Christmas marketing campaign?

Tis the Season to be jolly! Tis also the Season to be maximising your marketing! Like your mother always told you - sometimes the best way to get something is to give something!

There is no better time for a giveaway than Christmas. The hard part is coming up with a good idea that increases participation and interest. 

Throwing together a badly thought out idea will not only decrease interest in your business, but a competition that totally tanks can have a long lasting negative impact on your brand.

Always here to ensure your marketing success, Adloyalty have come up with their Christmas Giveaway Tips to help boost your brand this silly season without leaving you with eggnog on your face! 

- Keep Your Eye on Your Prize -
The number one thing to work out before you even decide on what type of contest you want to run is to identify why you are running it. What are you trying to achieve? What is your target goal? Do you want to increase your Facebook likes by 10 percent, reach a certain number of likes, gain a particular number of new followers on Instagram, build or increase your email database??? Set your goal before the competition so that you can build your contest around it and ultimately measure the success of your campaign. You may use this goal within your marketing of the competition – for example “we are trying to reach 1000 likes – help us to get there by…” or you may prefer to keep this an internal goal.

- Make It Worth Winning -
The prize and winner selection process should be set before the first post or email is issued. This is not something you can work out as you go along. Make sure the prize is exciting and relevant (gift cards, gift packs, limited edition items – make it special). Don’t be afraid to workshop the idea with your staff or friends and family. 

- Get Your Process In-Place -
Outline how the prize winner will be chosen. If your contest is a sweepstakes, there are sites that can help ensure you’re choosing a completely random winner and can help keep the process fair.

- Marketing and Promotion -
Think about how you’ll spread the word about your contest once it’s live. Social media and email will help you reach your existing following, but how can you reach beyond your normal crowd? Many contests have sharing aspects built in which work well. Also - consider partnering with influencers, running Facebook ads, and partnering with other local businesses to extend your ordinary reach.

- “Like” or “Tag a friend” to Win -
Arguably one of the easiest and most popular social media competitions liking or tagging friends to win is always a gem. This is a simple and easy way to quickly expand your reach on social media. Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms for this type of competition.

- Let’s Get Visual – Fantastic Photo Competitions -
‘Share a Photo’ or video contests encourage brand participation and can be run across numerous platforms. The idea is to feature the product, but with the user’s personalised twist. It is almost like the consumer becomes the marketer. Selfie photo competitions are popular and help to add real-life context to what you’re selling. You can select the winner or you can increase participation further by letting your audience vote for their favourite photo. Instagram photo hashtag contests are an effective way to build brand awareness and provide a visual testimonial of your happy customers. Create a contest that encourages people to share photos featuring your product or business on Instagram with a custom hashtag. Competitions can be one-off or if they prove popular, you could draw weekly or monthly winners. 

- Let the Wordsmiths Spread the Word -
People love to come up with clever photo captions, top tips, recipes, or have the chance to put their chosen name to a product. Everyone is a witty wordsmith and should have been in advertising! Well don’t let those closet advertisers rot away behind closed doors – use them to your advantage by challenging them to name your latest painting, or provide the insider hacks on using your products. Have participants create a creative or funny caption for a photo you post, and then pick your favourite as the winner. Have your audience write a testimonial for their favourite product.

- Plan A Winning Year -
Like all aspects of marketing, planning and consistency are the key to your competition success. Ideally choose 1-3 contests that you want to run throughout the next 12 months to drive sales. Develop clear target goals (e.g. drive sales, grow your audience, capitalise on Mothers/Father’s Day, or Easter/Christmas/New Year marketing). Don’t overdo it! You must make your contests worthwhile for the participants, but don’t get carried away in all the excitement and bankrupt your business in the process. Keep an eye on your competitors throughout the year and other businesses to see what works for them and then adapt it to suit your business. In the process, consider putting a page on your website with a link to the signup so that you are directing traffic to your website. The value of developing your database and website traffic should always be considered.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Adloyalty Honoured for Contribution to Cabonne at Daroo Business Awards

Local marketing and business consulting group, Adloyalty, has been honoured for their contribution to the Cabonne Region at the 2016 Daroo Business Awards.

Adloyalty Director, Caddie Marshall, said the win meant a great deal to the Adloyalty Team who worked extremely hard to pull together the Cabonne tourism campaign, ‘Discover The Riches’, earlier in 2016.

“We were enormously proud of our contribution to Cabonne via the ‘Discover the Riches’ campaign which showcased the assets of the 12 villages,” Caddie explained. “This high-end television, web, and social media production was delivered within a month, showcasing our beautiful rich landscape.

“The campaign was an overwhelming marketing success with an accumulated reach of more than 4 million views in less than 6 weeks!”

Guests at the Daroo celebrations held at Cumnock were treated to a presentation of the campaign during the proceedings. Federal Member for Calare, Andrew Gee, also took the opportunity to commend Adloyalty on their success.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my Team, who have helped to take Adloyalty to new heights in 2016. It truly has been a memorable year,” Caddie said. “It has also been an outstanding year for many of our clients and associates who also featured in the Daroo Awards.

“We would like to congratulate our good friends - accountancy and business advice specialists, Yates Baker McLean (YBM), who were named Best Business in Cabonne on the night. YBM were also highly commended in the Excellence in Service Operations.

“Cabonne Council’s Audrey Meehan was named Employee of the Year while YBM’s Karen Bollinger was highly commended.

“Canowindra’s Montrose House, who we had the honour of building a magnificent new website for this year, was highly commended in the Excellence in Accommodation section.

“Congratulations also go to Canowindra’s Age of Fishes Museum who received the Excellence in Tourism Award and Canowindra Balloon Challenge who were highly commended in this section.

“Several of our clients were also finalists in the awards including Grantham House Bed and Breakfast and The Old Vic Inn.

“We would also like to congratulate Rosnay Organic Wines - finalists in the Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture section, and Canowindra Trading Post - highly commended in both the Best Ongoing Business Award and Excellence in Service Operations (small entity) Award.”