Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Power your business into the future – take it to the online limit.

Recently we spent a day with our region’s leading businesses and government agencies at our annual Central West Business Summit in Bathurst. We shared our experiences and challenges and most importantly we discussed where we would be investing our hard earned dollars to take our businesses to the next level.

High on everyone’s agenda was the need for greater engagement with our customer base.  This means doing online better.

It means, increasing our visibility through better SEO and social media, and creating content that connects with our audience. This is what will allow us to best maximise our online business opportunities.

So what does this mean?

Your website should act as a growth engine, powering lead generation and giving you the ability to communicate with your customers 24/7.

Having a website is like opening the door and inviting potential customers into your business. It is your online portfolio that is working when you’re not. It showcases what you do without you needing to answer the basic FAQs time and time again. This means that when you are in front of customer you are at the next stage of the sales process.

At Adloyalty, we build websites that are visually appealing – and they work.

Our team of web developers are passionately focused on building the grunt engine behind your website.

In simple terms this means that we spend time understanding your business to make sure we get what your potential customers will TYPE INTO GOOGLE’S SEARCH BAR.  This is what drives new sales leads.

Our dedicated content development team help you sell your message so you are able to communicate effectively with your potential customers once they land on your website. This means staying on your website until they are ready to call you to learn more.

How much does all of this cost?
Landing Pages
You don’t need a large full scale website if you have a simple product offering and business. It can be a simple landing page as we have done for Straniero Olive Grove.

Subject Matter Experts
Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you lose your expertise. In most cases it means that potential customers get to learn what you do more quickly. We have a rule of thumb that you should always be able to get specific information or make you purchase within 3 clicks of your mouse. This was our aim with Financial Planning expert Mike Patman and his team.

Bespoke Design
With lots of open source template designs out there, many websites start to all look the same.
At Adloyalty we pride ourselves in our ability to build websites exactly like you want them to look. Whether this means embedding drone vision to speak directly to your audience and set you apart from your competition or allow you to use large images with a side menu so your customers don’t get lost in the content of your website.

You are only limited by your imagination – and we are more budget friendly than you think.

To learn more, call us today and we can help navigate your online presence as a business.

Your success is our focus. Call Adloyalty on 6344 1931.