Friday, May 15, 2015

The results are in for the "Pre-Summit Survey"

This week, we emailed a survey to all businesses who will be attending the Central West Business Summit. 

This is the analysis so far.

The leading key industries that will be in attendance at the Central West Business Summit are manufacturing and business services. 

The majority of businesses attending are located in the Central West Region and reaching as far as the Gold Coast. 

Over half of attendees have an organisational structure of fifteen or less, followed with just under half of businesses with under 200 employees. A small segment of participants will be representing enterprises of plus 500 employees. 

The primary area of expertise participants are hoping to benefit from is Marketing, with 70% of attendees citing this. These are followed very closely with social media, digital marketing, employee/skill development, website development, strategic planning, industry networking, funding and organisations processes. 

Guests of the Central West Business Summit are staying current within their specific industry knowledge and best practice through the medium of industry newsletters, industry websites, industry groups, industry publications and conferences. 

80% of attendees have indicated their business confidence level ranges from 'OK' to 'Good'. 

60% of respondents have stated that they will invest in marketing for the future growth of their business. 50% have expressed organisational processes & systems followed closely with skills development, infrastructure and strategic planning. 

Stay tuned!!!!