Friday, April 17, 2015

Accelerating Regional Economic Development

The Central West Business Summit on May 19 will focus on economic development, and how businesses can capitalise on opportunities to grow their bottom line. Both the regional and national economy will be under the spotlight, with Michael Pascoe delivering a Post-Budget Review, and AusIndustry’s Sally Palmer discussing regional economic development and funding opportunities.

“AusIndustry’s session will look at recent national and local economic data as well as reports and industry trends that inform and impact regional development.” Sally Palmer stated.

Focusing on case studies and initiatives from other regions, Sally will be discussing how businesses in Central West NSW can capitalise on opportunities closer to home.
I think it’s important to provide stimulus for growth and identify opportunities to promote competitive advantage in the Central West.” Sally Palmer stated.

Keynote Speaker, Michael Pascoe will also be focusing on the economy, bringing a wealth of knowledge as one of Australia’s most respected and experienced finance and economic commentators.  As well as delivering a Post-Budget Review, Michael will also be discussing identifying opportunities for the local economy.

 “People are generally so busy running their business - head down, tail up in making it work – that they can lose perspective about the big picture and get swamped by headlines mainly designed to scare them rather than inform. The Central West Business Summit is a great chance to lift your head from the dashboard to see where we’re going.” Michael said.

Michael’s aim is to both inform and entertain Summit attendees, whilst encouraging them to clear their heads and think beyond immediate problems.

 “Just when most economic and political headlines are at their gloomiest in years, there are some green shoots appearing for our economy, opportunities for those willing to seize them. The Central West Business Summit should highlight some of those – an economic boot camp for Orange.” Michael continued to say.

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All businesses will also be given the opportunity to attend a free session hosted by AusIndustry after the Summit, which will focus on how businesses can benefit from the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme. For more information, please visit the Central West Business Summit website.

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