Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Master Digital Marketing - The 4 Digital C's

Stage 2 - Conversations

This month, we will be talking you through Digital Marketing, and how utilising the 4 C’s could revolutionise your business. Stage 2 – Conversations.

Social Media is SOCIAL. Don’t lose sight of this. Don’t keep banging on about your product – particularly if it isn’t funny, doesn’t evolve a cranky cat or in seriousness – doesn’t offer the recipient value.

Social Media users want to talk WITH you at least as much as they want to listen to you. And they expect attention, interaction and answers!

Campaigns are OUT Conversations are IN

Hands up those that regularly join discussions on LinkedIn or Twitter. As businesses we need to be part of the conversation, otherwise how do we build awareness for our subject matter expertise.

More conversations, less promotion. We need to Monitor, Listen, Understand and Act. The quicker you get back to them, the better. And if someone takes the time to Comment, Acknowledge it with a Like.

Create monitoring streams around keywords and phrases. Look for interest cues like “want”, “need” and “love”. Check Social Mention regularly.

Find industry influencers, join their conversations. Set up google alerts and start a conversation of your own.