Friday, October 31, 2014

Do you want your online presence to stand out?

If you want to be known as the subject matter expert in your field, making sure your online presence stands out from the crowd has never been more important! Your online presence goes hand in hand with your online reputation, and we have provided some techniques to use to ensure you build your competitive advantage and increase your reputation & credibility online and above!

Create conversations

The digital space allows you to create conversations with your customers outside your place of business. Spaces like social media and your website should not just be about blasting promotional messages to your audience. You should post unique & interesting content which will form relationships with your target audience. For example, try posting interesting articles, blog posts, videos, photos or curate content from other experts in your field. People also love a feel good personal story!!

Be social

Being social is one of the best ways for businesses to establish trust and credibility online. People want to be able to ‘google’ you, or in fact ‘facebook search’ you. If you are not in that space, chances are your target audience will find your competitors. Many of our clients are concerned about how to use social media, so in many instances we manage it for them. However, there are some social rules that one needs to follow, such as listening to your customers and engaging with them, responding to any questions or complaints in a timely manner and being upfront and honest. If you want to know more about our social media services, contact us today.

Start a blog

A blog will help build your profile within your industry, presenting you as a subject matter expert. They also help build your SEO, which means attracting more traffic to your website. Bonus! Write about what interests you and your target audience, comment on industry updates or share your tips on how to achieve something. Blogs are really easy to set up, and can deliver real results for your business. How often should you blog? It depends upon the business but we recommend at least monthly, if not fortnightly. We develop & manage blogs as a part of our social media service, contact us today.

It’s all about that content 

In order to build trust and credibility with your customers, you need to offer website content that is valuable to your prospects and builds your subject matter expertise. It is important that you know your target market, and tailor your content around their FAQ’s.  Make sure you’re offering valuable information, not just promotional messages. Prospective customers also appreciate if you go over and above with your information. For example, if you’re a building company, why not provide helpful hints and tips for DIY home repairs or finding the best supplies. 

Collect testimonials

How often do you check the reviews of a product before purchasing? Providing testimonials gives your prospective customers confidence. People are increasingly researching products and services online and there are plenty of ways you can collect testimonials. For example, sending your customers a survey monkey, or asking your customers to complete a feedback form in-store. The more the merrier!