Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How can retailers use social media to grow?

Communicate with your customers
The most common barrier we find that prevents customers from purchasing in-store are caused by retailers insufficiently communicating with their customers and their employees, particularly if they are constantly busy. Social media provides an additional avenue to communicate with your customers on an interpersonal level, which increases engagement and loyalty.

Promote social engagement in-store
An opportunity that many retailers may be missing is promoting and encouraging social engagement in the store. American company, Nordstrom, started using its Pinterest fan base to identify popular products and encourage social engagement. These “most-pinned products” were then promoted in-store with special signage and unique merchandise designs. Other companies have used designated hash tags, encouraging customers to share images of themselves in-store by offering incentives.

Increase brand preference
Social media is all about defining your business’ personality. By doing this, your business will appear more ‘personable’ and ‘humanised’ and your customers will find you more relatable.

Share new products/services
Social media is a fantastic outlet to let your customers know when you have new stock arriving, or decide to offer them a new service. The visual nature of many platforms allows you to post images and allows your customers to share them.

Promote upcoming events
Are you having a sale? Social media is the perfect place to promote it. What about a special event? Facebook allows you to set up events within your page, driving foot traffic to your store and giving your customers something to look forward to!

Promote exclusive deals and offers
For retail outlets, using social media to offer special promotions to loyal followers not only allows instant sales, it also allows you to measure your effort based on the response. Encourage your followers to share the promotions for greater impact.

Share ‘employee picks’
This will not only personalise your business, it will make your employees feel special and that their opinion is valued. Plus, customers love recommendations!!

Integrate your social media platforms
It has never been easier to integrate your entire marketing campaign online, particularly with the use of hash tags and links. Encouraging your customers to visit your other social media networks and website is the most efficient way of driving online traffic, allowing your customers to connect with you on a range of platforms no matter which one they use.