Friday, July 22, 2016

‘Discover The Riches’ Campaign Hits Home for the Villages of Cabonne

A campaign designed to showcase the assets of the 12 villages of Cabonne has been hailed an overwhelming success with an accumulated reach of more than 4 million achieved in less than 6 weeks.

The campaign was produced and delivered by local marketing agency, Adloyalty, and was shot by former Eugowra local Andrew Barnes from Geagle Productions. Villages involved included Molong, Canowindra, Borenore, Cargo, Cudal, Cumnock, Eugowra, Manildra, Mullion Creek, Ophir, Nashdale and Yeoval.

Adloyalty Director, Caddie Marshall, said she was honoured to have been chosen to facilitate the campaign and incredibly proud of her company which created and delivered the high-end production within a month.

“The campaign has hit National media and the adverts have even been viewed internationally with social media reach of more than 250,000 impressions, website visitation standing at close to 10,000 unique users and video views exceeding 25,000 with the campaign not yet concluded,” Caddie said.

“From all reports the campaign’s primary media vehicle, local television advertising supported by social media, has hit a real nerve with viewers. Feedback has been flooding in and it seems the highly emotive essence really managed to get to the heart of the region.
“It really has been an overwhelming success with excellent engagement and community collaboration proving we have not only been singing the praises of our attractions to the converted.
“We have effectively showcased our beautiful rich landscape and people enjoying an authentic country experience by inviting people to Take a day, a week…or a lifetime – to “Discover the Riches.
 “It was no small feat for Adloyalty to put together in such a small timeframe. We were extremely fortunate to have such an amazing product to sell - the iconic villages, landscape and characters.
“The success of the campaign proves what a talented group of marketing professionals we have in our local area which is a real asset within itself.”
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For more information - contact Sharon Duguid at Adloyalty on Mobile 0427 441590.