Thursday, March 17, 2016

Central West - Are You Ready To Fly?

Central West businesses will continue to grow and flourish making way for new enterprises and add-on industries to enter the local market. The question you have to ask is – are you ready to catch this wind and fly?
In the lead-up to the 2016 Central West Business Summit in May, it is thought-provoking to reflect on the growth the region has seen in the past ten years and how it has made way for exciting future times for local business.
We are seeing an amazing change in the tapestry of business across the region. Whilst we may see the inevitable seasonal ebb and flow within the traditional industries that underpin the Central West’s economy, we are continuing to see retail, hospitality and tourism creating an eclectic diversity.
The region is really shining. Never would our communities have dreamt that we would have such a vibrant energy 15 or 20 years ago. Many business owners have situated themselves to take advantage of this growth and change. It’s really beginning to pay off.
The recent expansion of a number of local businesses is a sign of the changing nature of the local market. Canowindra business, K&H Interiors and Design, is going from strength-to-strength with a second store planned for the region.
In Cowra, Rourke and Henry Kids Boutique is growing an online following throughout the State and in Molong Yates Baker McLean Accountants and Business Advisors are continuing to grow their advisory services with the evolution of their agribusiness group based in Molong.
Our businesses are doing some great things. Sometimes we undervalue ourselves, but I see it as a brilliant opportunity to help people in regional locations elevate their business through marketing.
Online marketing has been a game changer along with an expansion in hospitality and tourism. The Central West is now a solid destination for local, interstate and international visitors who are keen to explore the riches of the region.
Mining and agriculture are still our strengths as a region. The Central West is one of the most heavily prospected regions in Australia.
Business owners can position themselves to take further advantage of the market by knowing their customers, taking care of the local market, and understanding their business and capabilities.
Getting to know your customers is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Really listen to and care about the people who are using your services and buying your products – they are your business!
Always sell to locals first especially in hospitality and tourism. The visiting friends and relatives market is an important one to tap into.
Understand your business and your capabilities. You hear it all the time, but setting realistic goals for your business and working towards them on a daily basis is integral.
Finally, gathering a trusted team of employees, associates and networks around you is the number one factor which will ensure your business success during times of change.
One of my key strengths in business has been forging a diverse range of connections throughout the Central West to facilitate strategic alliances with complimentary business.
Adloyalty is currently working with Regional Development Australia Central West, the Business Enterprise Centre Central NSW and Yates Baker McLean in preparing for the 2016 Central West Business Summit to be held in Parkes on the 24th May.
Key themes for this year include innovation, agribusiness, engineering, heavy vehicle industry and mining. The Summit provides access to renowned business experts and speakers, provides Central West businesses with the ability to network with complementary businesses and potential clients, and facilitates the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

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